Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pompousness, etc.

The more I look at the meme post, the worse I feel about myself. Damn, do I come off like a pompous ass or what?

I had a pretty good Free Comic Book Day. My five-year-old brother assaulted a Stormtrooper. The guy behind the counter said "see, that's why you guys lost."

X-Men/Runaways turned out to be just as bad as everyone has said, though I wasn't too disgusted by the artwork. It was cartoony, sure, but it had a streamlined quality and told the story well enough, unlike some people (Carlos Meglia, I'm looking at you). Too bad there wasn't much story to tell.

I'm dropping Jonah Hex, I think. It's a good series and all, but I just don't have much passion for it anymore. I'll buy trades if they get released, though.

Supergirl, JSA, and Teen Titans are on the chopping block. I might stick with JSA until the end, since there are only a few issues left. Teen Titans OYL has suffered from terrible art, inexplicably-dickish Cyborg, and forced conflict. The only reason I'm still reading it now is because I want to see how the Superboy plot pans out.

Supergirl has fifty times the personality now than she did under Loeb, and I still don't like her. I think the idea of hanging out in Kandor is neat, and I like the return of the "Godfall" Kandor, but I'd really like to know exactly what Kandor is supposed to be in this continuity. I like how Kara's quest for Argo here sets up her delusions in S&LSH. Despite all this, I just don't feel anything for this book, and I blame Loeb's tendency to jerk readers around for that.

Superman/Batman and the Classifieds may be on the way out as well. I don't know about Verheiden and Van Sciver, especially after that one really ugly solicit cover, and the Classifieds haven't managed to hold my attention since JLA finished their second arc and JSA their first. Though Vandal Savage is pretty interesting.

So, uh, what's up with Alan Scott's eye? I've seen it patched, not patched, and strangely glowing, all in OYL shots. Will this be explained, or is the tighter continuity already falling apart?

The 52 Website is pretty cool.

More stuff later.


RedheadFangirl said...

I gave up on Supergirl. I wanted to add her to my female superhero repertoire, but I don't think she has the texture of the Birds of Prey ladies or She-Hulk. Her navel baring outfit is yucky too.

Tom Foss said...

Ditto on the outfit. I mean, it worked for Linda and the animated Supergirl (even though I didn't think it would), mainly because it was another non-costume costume, kind of like the latest Superboy outfit, or Jay Garrick's usual running togs. This costume looks like it's designed to be as "slutty flamboyant cheerleader" as possible.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Yeah, don't get me started on Supergirl's latest costume. It's not only skeevy and clearly designed specifically to appeal to desperate, sweaty horndogs, but fashion-wise, the damn thing was outdated the moment it was introduced! I mean, who wears a belly shirt anymore? Gah!

I agree with you about the art on Titans. Geoff Johns (or his editors) seems to have a thing for weak artists. Don Kramer, that Cummings guy who draws everybody like they're thirteen years old, and now Daniels. What kills me is those are the kinds of artists who will stick to a single book forever. Because, I guess, nobody else will hire their sorry asses.

Chris Griswold said...

Alan Scott's eye is the Emerald Eye of Ekron.