Friday, June 23, 2006


According to The, Blog@Newsarama, John Byrne had this to say regarding the difference between his work on Action Comics, and on The All-New Atom:
“Well, I have a good inker this time. Fans will actually get to see what I drew without having to check the pencils scans on my website.”

Gee, John, maybe if your work these days looked more like this:

This starts a feedback loop of homages

And less like this:

Superman's covered in boils!

then you wouldn't need someone to redraw your work. Your work lacks the polish, tightness, detail, and skill that it once had, buried in a sea of unnecessary hatch lines and distorted, melting anatomy. You lack consistency, you lack the dynamic flair that your art once had. Either this is because you refuse to put forth the effort to tighten your work up, or because you are unable to put forth that effort. If the former is the case, then you need to lose that trademark arrogance, spackle the chip on your shoulder, and show your readers some respect by giving them quality work. If the latter is true, then I'm sorry, but it may be time to cut your losses and consider retirement, not to lash out at all the whippersnappers who would like to see high-quality art from a 'superstar' artist. I'd say you could go back to writing, but I read Spider-Man: Chapter One, and I don't think that would be good for anyone.

Black Condor's new look:


Who says the Bwah-ha-ha is gone from DC Comics?
Honestly, how can you start with this:

Maybe he should be the Pink Condor.

And end up looking goofier? He looks like a refugee from a Misfits concert or something.

I have never heard one of their songs.

No, no, not quite.

We are the Misfits / Our songs are bitter. / We are the Misfits, the Misfits / And we're gonna get her!

Yeah, that's about right.

From Stephen Wacker's "5.2 About 52 Week 7"

Curiouser and curiouser

So, Natasha's reasonably smart, how can she hear that report and think "Uncle John intentionally got a Metagene treatment"? Isn't the doctor violating confidentiality by releasing John's medical diagnosis to someone other than him? And, unless something has changed, John Henry Irons is already a metahuman. He had the ability to instantly transport his armor onto and off of his body, until he built armor out of an alien ore in Superman: The Man of Steel which didn't react to his mental commands. Will this be addressed, or did Superboy punch something?

That's it. Thoughts?


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Richard said...

The only thing to add to your comments on the John Byrne quote is that, with his star on the wane, Byrne may finally discover something he should have learned long ago: trashing your former collaborators does not actually enhance your chances of future employment!