Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is for Eric

I'm sure he's seen it before, but damn if it isn't the funniest thing I've seen all day.


Anonymous said...

What a great episode.


Anonymous said...

Sweeeet. Sorry it took me so long to notice; I've had a hard time keeping up with blogs, and you've been writing a lot lately.

Of all the songs Poison had to give to the world, "Talk Dirty to Me" was their greatest gift.

Tom Foss said...

Now listen up here, Cinderella. I know you're just so gosh-darn busy with your vacation, seeing how many of your girlfriends you can fit in a pink Trans Am and hiking your Dream-Car down to Orlando, stopping every twenty minutes because your teensy little bladder just can't quite handle all the iced tea and dancing to the new Justin Timberlake single, and I know it's been your life-long dream to be a really for-real grown-up Disney princess, just like in all the movies, but when I call you over here, it's not so I can hear you tell me just how cute your guide on the Indiana Jones ride was and now you really truly believe that someday, someday, your prince will come. Now, run this urine sample down to the lab before it turns into a pumpkin, okay Ariel? Go on, go, go, go!

Anonymous said...

That was remarkable.