Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Am I reading this correctly?

Smooth move, Interlax.
Maybe there's a flaw in my Interlac TrueType font, but when I run that through MS Word (and my own knowledge of the alphabet), I get "Tle Villain is tle Lero in Lis Own Story," or, since none of the letters have the capital bar, "tle villain is tle lero in lis own story." Now, I realize that in Interlac, "h" and "l" are very similar letters, but shouldn't someone along the line notice that the letters in the middle of "villain" look exactly like the letter at the beginning of "hero"? When you're writing in a non-Roman-character font, you ought to be taking extra care to make sure that things are spelled correctly; otherwise, you end up with stupid mistakes like this.

Has this been happening all along? Is this just the first I've noticed it? Or did someone drop the H/L ball for this issue (or would that be the "bahh for tlis issue")?

Also, what's up with Wildfire being Red Tornado? When did that happen? Wikipedia's entry on Wildfire doesn't mention it at all, and it doesn't seem to make sense given Wildfire's origin, power set, and whatnot.

But, aside from all that, fantastic ending. Too bad it's such a kick in the crotch for the other big finale this week.

Edit: Just thought I'd let David Brothers, --J--, and Erin Palette (and anyone else who's interested) know that I posted their questions in the comments to this post, so they can make with the interviewing.


Matthew E said...

No, the Wildfire/Red Tornado thing doesn't make sense. I wonder whose stupid idea it was. The Wildfire suit is supposed to be a container for his anti-energy; Red Tornado's body is a robot. As I've said elsewhere before, it's like the difference between a balloon and a windup toy.

But I find myself wondering if this has anything to do with the 'Red Inferno' that T.O. Morrow mentioned at the start of 52...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the LL thing is a hint for the identity of the hero/villain.

Lex Luthor considers himself to be the hero (of his life story)

SallyP said...

Ok, Wally's back, which is good, but he's confused, and Bart is dead, which is bad, and Barry is wherever Barry is, and I'm HIGHLY confused.

IS Bart really dead? Braniac seemed to be awfully...cryptic there at the end.