Monday, February 15, 2010

In which I make the obvious joke

So, Mark Millar is doing some kind of promotion offering free advertising to shops that display this moderately profane, fairly kid-unfriendly poster in their stores, because that's surely what we should be encouraging. Having read the first two issues of Kick-Ass, I have to wonder:

Given that the premise of 'Nemesis' is 'What if Batman were the Joker,' that's saying something.

Well, what doesn't?

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Anonymous said...

Not that I generally like anything Millar does these days, but in his slight defense, both Kick-Ass and Nemesis have solid enough premises. The idea of a kid in the real world who decides to become a superhero and meets with crushing, brutal reality could have been done well. Also, the idea of a brilliant billionaire with gadgets and training who acts as a psychopathic terrorist could be done well. It's just that, since it's Millar doing the writing, it will likely be all the worst aspects of a Michael Bay movie and dripping with contempt for the readers.