Thursday, September 09, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 50

The crime rate in Connecticut is nearly zero, thanks to the efforts of Governor Jeremy Horton and the state's officially-deputized superhero protectors, the Young Heroes! With Thunderhead, Bonfire, Frostbite, Junior, Zip-Kid, and Off-Ramp around, the Constitution State has become the safest state in the union, and civic morale is off the charts. In fact, only one supervillain would dare operate in the land of nutmeg: former Young Hero Monstergirl! Superman's visit brings Monstergirl out into the open, but when she overpowers the Man of Steel and takes him back to her lair, Superman learns that there may be more to the politics and protection of Connecticut than there seems to be. The sensational character finds of 1997 make their triumphant return in this double-sized issue, and the Eastern Seaboard may never be the same!


Will Staples said...

Part of this is just my natural Massachusetts chauvinism talking, but the idea of a Connecticut super-team just makes me laugh. I think Iowa is the only state less compelling than CT.

Tom Foss said...

CT was more DC's idea than mine. "Young Heroes in Love" ended with Hard Drive as governor of the state, and it's a series and set of characters worth revisiting. That being said, I don't know if they were always meant to be in Connecticut or not.

It's nice, though, because that's one fewer New England state for me to try to figure out. You'll notice that I haven't written anything about Rhode Island yet.

Will Staples said...

Oh, Rhode Island is easy. It's like Massachusetts, but with more strip clubs and the mob in charge of everything.