Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parallel Posters

Awhile back, some organization did a deal where you could send away for copies of the movie posters of the five Superman films, and naturally I jumped on it. I framed two of them (mostly because even cheap frames are kind of expensive) and had them both hanging up in my apartment. There was this one:
And this one:

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm the only person alive who liked "Superman Returns." For all its flaws, it still had gorgeous effects, some great moments, and I'm a sucker for Superman and messianic imagery. I wouldn't want every Superman story to do that kind of thing, but I'm fine with it occasionally.

Plus, I like the poster a lot. The only Superman movie poster I like better is this one:
Which I'll probably be framing next. What can I say? It's dynamic, it has Superman on it, and it doesn't have Richard Pryor.

Now, you may be aware that the first teaser poster for Man of Steel came out. I thought it was kind of cool when I saw it online, but seeing it in person at the movie theater made me realize that I needed to get it. So I found it on eBay and overpaid for it. But it's a pretty cool poster, and I suspect it won't be the only one I get before the film comes out.

That said, I've got it up in the same room as the Superman Returns poster now, and I noticed something weird having them right near each other.
So, um, something really dangerous happening down and to the right, there, Superman?

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IIM93 said...

As your Blog Post title suggests, you are probably referring to Routh & Cavill having more or less the same pose of Superman in their respective posters.

For the record, I'm a Superhero Blog writer, and noticed this strikingly similar post almost immediatley when I saw the Teaser Poster of the 2013 film.

Coincidentally, I too like Superman Returns a lot. Yes, I do think that Returns was not a traditional Superhero Film, but for what it's worth, the movie strongly showed what a hero feels like when he makes a mistake, and his love is not returned the way it should.

Nice post, and a nice find.