Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Story

So, this past Sunday my friend and one-time comic supplier Eric Garneau invited me up to Chicago to be a part of a special event. Eric's a member of The Nerdologues, a comedy troupe focused on nerd culture. They do a regular event called "Your Stories," where people tell personal and/or funny stories on a particular topic, which is kind of like a nerdy open-mic meets This American Life. Sunday, they teamed up with the Chicago Loot Drop charity to do a fundraiser event including a MST3K-style commentary on Superman: The Movie. Before that, though, they did a special Superman-themed Your Stories, where I got to talk a bit about Superman alongside some other really cool people, including super-fan and fellow Stand-Up Comics customer Jim Snedeker, Terry Midnight of Third Coast Comics, the Nerdologues' Chris Geiger, and Art Baltazar of Aw Yeah Comics, Superman Family Adventures, Tiny Titans, Green Team, and some other awesome books.

The event was a blast, and it was great to hang out and chat with other Superman super-fans. People seemed to enjoy my story as well, and you can judge for yourself when it's released as a podcast sometime next month. I'll be sure to put up a link when it shows up in my feed. I'd love to do it again, and I've got a couple of new comic shops to stop at next time I'm in downtown Chicago or Skokie.

On an unrelated note, the only thing left on my Superman Returns post is to takes some screenshots, so I should have that done by the end of the weekend.

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