Thursday, March 16, 2006

Content Schmontent

I saw an "Electric Theater" presentation last night. Most of it was hilarious, some of it was touching.

For instance, their darkened performance to the Decemberists' "I Was Meant for the Stage." I haven't been so touched by a song since the first time I heard Ben Folds's "The Luckiest."

I should have done more theater in the last four years. I've missed my chance, and consequently lost touch with most of my theatrical friends. I don't have many regrets at this point, but I now realize one more.

Next post will be less morose, I promise.


Jon said...

"I Was Meant for the Stage" is a weird, sad song. Not as weird as the Mariner's Revenge Song, though. I'd kill to see somebody act that one out.

The Bun said...

wait, am i the only one that had no clue what that piece was about? i've never heard the song before, so i was just lost.

Tom Foss said...

'Twas about theater, the whole love-of-being-on-stage thing. I was moved, I was.

You can find the lyrics here, and I can send the song to your Gmail if you want.

SmileAndNod said...

"Mother, please, be proud.
Father, be forgiven.
Even though you told me
'Son, you'll never make a living.' oh, oh."

Ain't that the truth! About three years into my "return to the stage" after about a quarter-century away, I was asked to do a weekend dinner-theater gig to take over for an actor who'd hurt himself the night before--I'd done the part the previous year; I went on with a script, but I didn't refer to it much. Got a personal standing ovation. It felt good.

Anyroad, after the weekend, I got a slim envelope, and showed it to my wife and cried, "Look! Look! I got PAID to act! I finally got PAID to act!"

She looked at the check and deadpanned, "Gee, y'know, at this rate, you'd make as much money as you do as a systems analyst if you only do a THOUSAND SHOWS a year!"

My enthusiasm at "turning pro" cooled considerably.

It's never "too late." Long as you do it for love rather than money, tho, 'cuz there ain't no money in theater for most of us.

The best description I've ever read about why adult people who should know better still dress-up and play-act is here.