Sunday, October 04, 2009

Now entering Bat Country

I want just one 60s-Batman video game.That's right, folks: October is Bat-Month at the Fortress of Soliloquy! All month long, I'll be posting about all things Batman-related, from comic books (I'll finally catch up on all those Dini-written Detective issues!) to graphic novels (Batman: Venom? Why not!) to video games (you mean I have to take time away from Arkham Asylum so I can write about it?) to TV (remember when Ra's Al-Ghul tried to take over Superman's body?) to movies (wanna see a magic trick?). I can't promise to post every day, but I've definitely got more time and ideas than I have for the last few sparse months. Somewhere in there I'll also sneak in a Bat-unrelated obligation I have to some bearded fellows who are likely to break my kneecaps otherwise.

But before we launch into things, the question remains: why start a month-long celebration on October 4th?

Wait...October...the month of Halloween, which is scary. Scary--The Scarecrow! The Scarecrow is going to release his fear toxin at 4:00 on Halloween!

No, wait, October 4th is also 10/4...ten-four...ten for the Ten-Eyed Man! And four is two plus two--Two-Face! Two plus two is the same as two times two...time...the Clock King! And two times two is two squared--which means that the Ten-Eyed Man, Two-Face, and the Clock King are planning an attack on Gotham Square at precisely 2:00!

But then again, it's 10/4/09...ten...ten is the basis for our number system, our base 10 number system...numbers mean the Calculator! And four is the number of different suits in a deck of cards...not counting the Joker! And "09"...oh-nine...oh o'nine tails! The Calculator, the Joker, and Catwoman! What nefarious scheme could bring those three together?!

However, 10-4 means "message understood" in radio shorthand, as you would say on a radio or walkie-talkie...or CB! CBs are used by truck drivers, people who drive big trucks...big semi trucks. "Semi" means "half"...half-and-half! Half-and-half is a creamer, which you might put into, or tea! It could only be the Mad Hatter!

Or perhaps, 10-4...10-4...ten-four...ten-foreward! The Film Freak is planning a Star Trek-themed heist culminating in the kidnapping of Whoopi Goldberg!

...Yikes. How did Batman solve anything in the '60s?

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