Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 76

In the stunning second part of the Supergroup Saga, Clark Kent reaches his first destination: Detroit, Michigan. Strange dreams and stranger forces have driven him here to find a singer for his band, a velvet-voiced Motown soul legend, but Clark doesn't know his name. He searches nightclub after nightclub, but his efforts are fruitless. An accidental slight even leads to his lyrical humiliation by rapper Elinel. But when all hope seems lost, Clark finds an album by a forgotten local star named John Henry Sledge, and finally fits a name to the face. Unfortunately, Clark's search has not gone unnoticed, and his musical revolution may be over before it's even begun. There's only one way to rock in Detroit, and anyone who wants to form a band on this scene must first earn the permission of KISS--Knights In Shazam's Service!

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