Friday, October 22, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 93

Years ago, young Clark Kent joined his Cub Scout troupe on a camping trip to Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska. The trip was the first time Clark had been that far away from home, and like any boy that age, he was quite happy to return home at the end of it. But it wasn't just homesickness that elated Clark when he returned to the Kent farm, and it wasn't just bugs and spooky noises and ghost stories that kept him awake in his tent those nights. No, there was something else in the woods at Indian Cave, something ancient and alien, something that recognized Clark for what he truly was. He never saw the thing in the woods, not really, but he could feel it scraping at his mind, trying to find him, trying to steal him away. For months thereafter, he could hear it in his nightmares, feel its cool, sweet breath on his neck, and cry out for the comforting embrace of his parents. Now, as an adult, Clark Kent has returned to the State Park, and those half-forgotten childhood memories have returned as well. And when he feels that familiar scraping at the back of his mind, he knows that he must finally face the thing that lurks at Indian Cave.

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