Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 94

Superman visits the Yucca Mountain Hazardous Waste Depository in the Nevada desert, where government scientists have found an ingenious solution to safe disposal of nuclear waste, dark matter, and the other unsavory leftovers from cutting edge technology. Rather than bury their problems and risk various sorts of contamination and security compromises, they have found a way to dump the wastes into the Phantom Zone! Superman fears the repercussions, knowing the unpredictable and bizarre nature of the Phantom Zone, and voices his concerns to the scientists. As if to prove his point, an accidental chain reaction causes the projector to be destroyed, trapping Superman in the dimensional space between our world and the Phantom Zone! Missing and presumed dead, the Spectre of Steel must figure out a way to communicate with his allies and rescue himself from eternity as a living ghost. And he better hurry--something else lives in this in-between space, something beyond human or Kryptonian comprehension, and it hasn't eaten in eons...

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