Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 88

When Superman last encountered the planet Transilvane, mad genetecist Dabney Donovan had influenced the development and evolution of the miniature world's native life forms, using horror movies projected onto the planet to turn it into a world of classic movie monsters! Superman interceded with a stopgap solution, using the same methods as Donovan, but changing the film to "Oklahoma!" Now, the Man of Steel ventures to the surface of Transilvane, accompanied by a small group of vampire separatists who hope to colonize the world themselves and finally live in peace. But the Transilvanian natives are not entirely thrilled by the prospect, and the visitors find themselves hunted by Sheriff Dragorin and his wolfman Deputy, Lupek! Pursued by monstrous lawmen on horseback, caught in bizarre mummy/Frankenstein love triangles, and surrounded everywhere by unprompted singing, Superman discovers the consequences of his previous encounter with the bizarre world, and hopes to set things right for everyone.

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