Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 87

The annual gathering of the Exsanguinators' Society in Portland, OR, is the world's largest regular meeting of vampires, hangers-on, and wannabes from all walks of life (and afterlife). This year's convention promises to be among the biggest, with controversial rumors of a cure coming out of New York City and a momentous reveal planned for opening night. The emcee promises an end to fears of sunlight, an end to hiding from slayers, an end even to hunting humans like prey--all thanks to the Society's newest acquisition, a completely customizable miniature planet called Transilvane. But before the interested attendees can visit the surface, the party gets crashed--by the Man of Steel! Superman has been trying to track down Transilvane since learning of its disappearance from Cadmus during the DNA Diaspora, and while he sympathizes with the vampire separatists, he warns them that Transilvane is inhabited--and dangerous! If there's to be a colonization, then he's going to make sure it's done right, so that everyone benefits. Countless human, vampire, and Transilvanian lives hang in the balance, as Superman accompanies the first expedition to the surface of the demon planet!

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