Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 90

While Superman visits Gotham City, NJ, his alter ego spends some time at a charity fundraiser sponsored by the Wayne Foundation. The costume ball provides an outlet for movers and shakers from business empires and media conglomerates to move and shake for a good cause. Unfortunately, not everyone at the masquerade has such charitable intentions. A Vulture, a Fox, and a Shark have crashed the party to prey on the revelers, and they plan to treat themselves to a fortune in charitable donations, jewelry, and ransom demands for their socialite hostages. The Terrible Trio have been operating long enough to know that you don't commit crime in Gotham without preparing for costumed intervention, especially when Superman is visiting, so they've arranged some disastrous diversions throughout the city to keep the heroes busy. Little do they know that they have the World's Finest duo trapped among their hostages! Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent must try to stop the Trio without compromising their secret identities, while outside the ballroom walls, Gotham City burns!

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