Saturday, April 09, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 262

The various invasions and interplanetary wars waged on and around Earth have led to a considerable number of displaced aliens taking up residence around the world, and the United States' acceptance of high-profile aliens like Superman and Martian Manhunter has made America something of a land of opportunity for extraterrestrial immigrants. The greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area has proved a popular destination for otherworldly refugees, particularly ones from colder climates, and large pockets can be found spread around the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. Many of those pockets have emptied today, though, as a mob of angry aliens converges on rural Morris, just a few hours away. As part of a demonstration about free speech and religious privilege, a Morris professor desecrated a number of holy and not-so-holy books, including The Ethics of Sonnabend, a popular alien religious text. Superman steps in to prevent the clash of ideologies from turning violent. But can the Man of Steel stand up for someone who would stoke the fires of religious rage?

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Eric TF Bat said...

OK, I want someone to do the cover for this issue and post it somewhere. I want to see Superman vs Pee Zed M(e)yers in all its four-colour glory, stat!