Thursday, December 22, 2005

Prophetic visions!

I wrote this last night:

"Oh, and Will Pfeifer on post-OYL Catwoman? From Newsarama:
NRAMA: Did she have to take a new identity because she was grievously injued and required long-term treatment?

WP: No, but she did require medical treatment...

Medical treatment, as in "prenatal care," as in "epidural," as in "giving birth," as in "poppin' one out."

Catwoman's gonna have kittens. And you doubted me. Fools!"

Only to read this on Newsarama this morning:
WP: Yes, now that the birth announcement has been printed by Wizard, apparently I can reveal the big news that half of cyberspace already guessed. Selina is indeed having a baby.

Newsarama said that Wizard "let the cat out of the bag," but I'm far above such crude jokes. Except, you know, the kitten thing. Anyway, this just proves that even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Next, I predict that the architect behind the whole Crisis is, in actuality, Argh!yle, evil master of footwear!

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