Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Superhero Limericks: Day 1

Scipio has Haikuesday, where he searches for the Eastern poetry in word bubbles and caption boxes. We here at The Fortress of Soliloquy have decided to rip off perform an homage to Scipio with make a similar feature: Superhero Limericks.

I've been doing limericks a little on my other blog, and figured I might as well try my hand at them here. I'll warn you, though, these might be a little more risqué than the typical family-friendly content here at the Fortress. Head below the fold for the today's two, the first set of what should become a weeklyish feature.
There once was a fella named Kent.
Folks called him a mild-mannered gent.
But when trouble arose
He took off his clothes,
And, nude, to the jailhouse was sent.

That one's pretty tame, I admit. It's mainly to balance out this one:
Tora was one in a million.
She's Icelandic, and not a Sicilian.
While @#*!ing with Bea
She said "Look at me!
I finally got a Brazilian!"

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Edit: I neglected to mention, feel free to share your own takes in the comments section.

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