Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transformers Tuesday!

Tragically, the other Autobots never understood Warpath's cosmic battle with Tourette's Syndrome.BLAM! Howdy folks, I'm Warpath, and I'm here to BAZOW! introduce you to Transformers Week here at The Fortress of POW! Soliloquy! For the next seven days, we'll fire BANG! round after round of steel-jacketed cybernetic commentary your way! ZAP! KABLAM! Tom'll take you through the history of WHOO! Optimus Prime, target some lesser-known BOOM! Transformers, and run down some of the RAM! best and worst ideas in Cybertronian history! All this and a BOOM! review of the new movie! So strap in and brace yourselves for Transformers Week! KRAKADOOM!


LurkerWithout said...

You should concentrate ENTIRELY on Transformers with speech impediments and stupid accents. Grimlock. Blur. Wheelie. Blaster.

Tom Foss said...

I don't quite remember Blaster's, but I can't say I haven't considered precisely that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, comic Grimlock had Years of sane speech. Not his fault Budinsky decided he'd be a bad leader (really abruptly).