Saturday, December 15, 2007

The eyes have it

So, I just read the first two issues of "Salvation Run." It's not a bad series, though certainly not a great one either. I mean, maybe it's just because I've never read many comics with the Fearsome Five, but I could have sworn that Psimon was telepathic and telekinetic. Seems like "mind-control the Joker" should have been considered before "yell 'ow, stop that' like a baby."

I'm a little disappointed with the characterization of Ragdoll. Simone set him up as a vaguely eloquent twisted masochist, complete with his own font, but that seems to have been dispensed of entirely for a more cookie-cutter personality.

But my biggest problem is that, considering that crucial points of the last big universe-wide crossover hinged on it as a detail, you'd think they'd make some effort to get Lex Luthor's eye color right. Our Lex's eyes are green. It's Earth-2 Alexi and Earth-3 Alexander who have blue eyes.


Will Staples said...

One of my biggest problems with Bill Willingham, aside from his tendency to lecture about his political beliefs, is the way he ignores established characterization to serve his own ends. E.g. Leslie Thompkins.

Tom Foss said...

That's precisely what has me thinking strongly about dropping Shadowpact. While it started as a fun title, with interesting characterization, it has stagnated into a very by-the-numbers superhero book, to the point where none of the characters are distinct from each other in any way. There's none of Morrison's Zauriel in Willingham's version, Enchantress and Nightshade are utterly interchangeable (and neither one displays the competence and attitude that they should have--particularly former psychopathic villainess the Enchantress), and Blue Devil Has gone from happy-but-guilt-ridden to morose and blasé.

But even besides all that, Willingham can't even keep his own characterizations constant. As I recall, Detective Chimp started out in "Day of Vengeance" as gruff, tough, and witty. Now, he's the kid-friendly PR hound, giving speeches on the "three laws of superheroics."

Derek said...

I know Gail Simone has a lot on her plate right now, but I really wish she was the one writing Salvation Run.

No one does super villains better than her. She has a way of making them empathetic, even fun, while still being menacing.

I was pretty interested by the concept of Salvation Run, but it doesn't really work when the villains aren't acting like themsleves.

Tom Foss said...

Agreed on all counts, Derek. Gail Simone is teh awesome.

Anthony Strand said...

To be fair, hasn't it been mostly Matthew Sturges writing Zauriel in Shadowpact? He's written the last four issues. It's his Detective Chimp that's been the PR guy, I think.

That said, Willingham does seem to devote most of his brain to the always-amazing Fables.