Friday, July 18, 2008

Taking a break from Superman Month give you my first impressions of The Dark Knight.

Holy crap. That was intense. I'm a little disappointed there wasn't anything after the credits, though.

Also, that trailer is the first thing yet that has made me even slightly want to see "Watchmen."


Anonymous said...

I'm a little happy to hear there was nothing after the credits, honestly - I snuck out a little earlier than some of my friends.

I really dug it though, and I didn't completely hate the Watchmen trailer either.


StacyHD said...

I'm still reeling. . .I think I'm going to need another screening to properly get my bearings, but it was amazing. Easily the best comicbook-based film of this year, if not all-time.

Don said...

The early costume shots made me worry about Watchmen, but he's so dedicated otherwise to bringing the comic book experience to the screen, a la Sin City and his own 300, I think it has potential.

And Dr. Manhattan looked awesome.