Saturday, September 19, 2009

My DC Animated Wish List

So we've got the Superman/Batman direct-to-DVD flick coming out later this month, and that looks surprisingly good considering the story it's based on. Then again, I'll buy anything with that voice cast (with the apparent exception of Brainiac Attacks, which looked awful). After that, there's Crisis on Two Earths, which looks to be a direct adaptation of JLA: Earth 2.

There are lots of stories that I'd like to see get the animated film treatment. While they aren't the DCAU, the ones I've watched have been pretty darn good.

But thinking about it, the one story I'd really like to see (and I'd really really like to see it as a JLU story) is Tower of Babel. Blame Arkham Asylum for making me all Batman-centric lately, but a Batman-heavy story where Ra's Al Ghul and Talia steal Batman's failsafes for the entire Justice League seems like it'd be the perfect vehicle for a JLU animated movie. The twist, I think, and the way it would be more than just a comic adaptation, is that there are a lot more Leaguers in JLU than the big seven. While Superman's agony under red kryptonite's transformative effects and Flash's super-speed seizure would make for a lot of the drama, it'd be interesting to see the smaller scenes, where Talia and her men take out every other person on the Watchtower with Batman's plans.

Mr. Timm, if you're reading, please make this happen!

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