Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 1

Since Superman's going to be walking for roughly the next year, I thought I'd walk right alongside him.

Metaphorically, of course. Who wants to spend time with that pretentious jerk?

So, every day for the next 365 days1, I'm going to play navigator to the Man of Steel. I'll pitch ideas of places to go and things to do that would be better than his current "walk along the road and condescend to people" itinerary.

So, here's my first pitch: Superman visits Graceland and tries on the great shades of Elvis. While he's there, the most fearsome super-terrorists in Tennnessee, the Kings of Rock, mount an attack! Can Superman keep Jailhouse, Burnin' Love, Crazy Arms, Little Sister, and the King from destroying a big hunk o' Memphis?

1. Really? We'll see about that.

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