Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 117

The Shalako School of Enlightenment outside Yelm, Washington, is often dismissed as a cult, trading in new-age nonsense to gullible people with disposable income. Founder B.X. Squires maintains otherwise, claiming that she truly can channel the spirit of a 10,000-year-old Atlantean warrior mystic named Shalako, and that her school actually teaches his benevolent wisdom--for a fee, of course. Now, as part of a fraud investigation, Squires' alleged ability is being tested by a team of relevant experts: magician and sorceress Zatanna Zatara, skeptical investigator and "ghost breaker" Dr. Terrence Thirteen, and Metropolis University's professor of Atlantean history, David Petersen. The event has drawn considerable publicity, including coverage by the Daily Planet's esteemed reporter Clark Kent. As the test begins, Squires settles into her usual trance, but things get a bit unusual when she actually summons an ancient Atlantean spirit! Unfortunately for everyone, she isn't channeling Shalako or any other benevolent spirit; instead, she's latched onto Gamemnae, the lethal sorceress who once absorbed Zatanna and impaled Superman! It took two Justice Leagues to take her down last time, and now the only thing standing between her and world domination are two superheroes and a parapsychologist!

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