Sunday, July 03, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 347

Over the years, Superman has been the subject of various documentaries and films, re-enacting various aspects of his life and adventures. The humble Man of Steel isn't exactly thrilled with this state of affairs, but he has gotten used to it, and it helps that use of his likeness requires a portion of proceeds be donated to worthwhile charities. A side-effect of all this is that he is occasionally interviewed or shadowed by actors, looking to portray him with some degree of verisimilitude. One such actor was Brandon Routh, a young man from Norwalk, IA, who portrayed Superman in a film chronicling his self-imposed exile from Earth and subsequent return, some years ago. So when the real Superman heard that his celluloid doppelganger had returned to his hometown to rally his community for a day of service and charity, he decided to lend an indestructible hand--after all, two Supermen are better than one!

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