Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 356

As the exiled Menehune and the reawakened god-child Keiki Makua'ole make their way southward through the Pacific Ocean, Superman races ahead to ready Hawai'i for their assault! Speeding into the heart of Kilauea, Superman warns Pele of the vengeful visitors, and the fiery goddess calls out to her defenders. The Menehune's timeless nemesis, the owl-god Paupueo, awakens from his diurnal slumber! Kekona and the other still-loyal Menehune stand ready to defend the isles from their disgraced bretheren! The displaced Nawao giants return to Hawai'i's shores to fight the forces that drove them away! But while a divine war brews, Superman races around the archipelago to ensure that it won't be destroyed in the crossfire!

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