Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gone, Gone, Blogosphere...

Apparently, the Comics Blogosphere is dead. Damn if I don't hate it when a show gets cancelled right after I start watching.

So, I doused the Blogosphere in bio-restorative formula and set it on fire, then wrapped it in Nth Metal and took it to the Pet Cemetary in Slaughter Swamp, where I prayed to Rama Kushna and Khonshu, and I think I've finally achieved some success. Meet the new, undead Comics Blogosphere! Sure, it smells, it lumbers, and it craves brains, but it's just as fun as the old blogosphere, but with twice the popularity! Welcome, Zombie Blogosphere, may your meals of flesh be tasty and tender!

"The Blogosphere has died, but a mysterious new entity, the Blogohedron, has taken its place. Now it is up to the dark Blogohedron to uncover the mystery behind the Blogosphere's death! But who is the brutal Blogohedron, and what is his connection to the Blogosphere? The answer might surprise you!"

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