Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 113

Theodosia Burr, the daughter of Vice President and accused traitor Aaron Burr, was widely considered a brilliant, highly-educated woman at a time when such traits were not always viewed positively. It's little surprise, then, that Burr kept the true extent of her intellect secret, even from her friends and confidants. Theo Burr had a keen interest in natural philosophy, and became fascinated with samples of meteoric metal that were heavier than they seemed and gave off the most curious warmth. As she studied them, she discovered that thoughts and ideas came more easily than they had before, and she had periodic glimpses of people and objects nearly beyond her comprehension. These strange visions spurred her studies onward like never before, and she found herself building strange devices in secret that would rival any of the creations of misters Franklin or Volta. Indeed, she sought to test her most ambitious device onboard the ship Patriot on the eve of the New Year in 1812--and neither she nor anyone else on the ship was ever seen again.

Until today. Patriot finally returns to Georgetown, South Carolina, nearly two hundred years after it left port--not that it would be recognizable anymore. The schooner has become a time-vessel, sailing through history under her captain, Theo Burr--Temporal Adventuress! She has returned to her home state, if not her home time, pursuing her time-traveling nemesis, time-trekking treasure-hunter Percy Fawcett! But what is Fawcett's goal this time, and why does Theo need Superman's help to stop him? No matter what the answer, it's sure to be a team-up for the ages!

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