Friday, November 19, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 121

Superman visits Ft. Wayne, Indiana during the Three Rivers Festival, joining in the festivities and marching in the Opening Day Parade. But trouble comes in threes at the intersection of the Maumee, the St. Joseph, and the St. Marys, when Troika comes to town! She's a Carggian from the 30th Century, a member of the Legion of Substitute Super-Villains, and killing Superman would be her ticket into the major leagues! But she's armed with more than just Tri-Jitsu; each of her bodies has a different Kryptonian-killing superpower! One can project any kind of Kryptonite radiation, one can generate and control solar energy, and the third can draw upon 5th Dimensional magic! Superman stares three kinds of death in the face and makes his last stand at the Summit City!

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