Saturday, November 27, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 129

A massive, unprecedented earthquake rocks the Eastern seaboard, and the epicenter is just north of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Investigators at the site discover a previously hidden cave opening, marked with warnings written in 17th-century English and bearing the seal of Plymouth Colony. The traveling Superman is asked to investigate, and what he finds is nothing short of amazing. Deep beneath the Earth, he finds a cavern lit by ancient torches, and two strange men--one, an unconscious Native American giant, the other, a rugged-looking European straining to hold a cracking, crumbling stone seal down over a dark pit. Superman revives the giant and assists the European, and he listens to their tale: a spawn of the Devil, like Leviathan, which dogged the Mayflower on its journey toward the New World. A teacher named Samuel Goodman thrown overboard, who tried to kill the creature and was blessed with strength and vigor beyond that of average men. On another shore, an evil spirit which spread corrupting illness which consumed even healthy warriors from within and made them into monsters. A legendary hero called Maushop who could battle the strange horror. Then, when ship met shore, two evils became one, and in the following winter they claimed hundreds of lives. So two brave warriors from two very different cultures locked it away in this cave and have guarded it ever since. But they are growing older, though neither truly shows it, and their nemesis has only become stronger. It is breaking through the seal; in its last assault, it was even able to overpower strong Maushop and shake the very foundation of the Earth. No longer can the beast be contained only by these centuries-old heroes. Superman stands alongside them, but if they cannot stop the thing beneath Plymouth once and for all, then America may be utterly destroyed by a horror from its earliest days!

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