Sunday, November 21, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 123

When Superman arrives in Fawcett City, Indiana, the sense of despair is almost palpable. He searches for the town's noted protectors, but only finds an exhausted Mary Marvel, struggling to keep up with the negativity that seems to have settled into the once-vibrant city, particularly around William H. Parker High School. She explains to Superman that the past few weeks have seen a sharp rise in bullying, violence, STDs, and attempted suicides at the high school, that everyone seems to be on-edge and aggressive or listless and empty. Even Billy and Freddy have fallen into this malaise, apparently forgetting their powers entirely. She's been putting out literal and figurative fires all across the city for days, seemingly the only person who hasn't succumbed to this contagious attitude, but even the stamina of Atlas has its limits. She emplores Superman to help her find the source of this oppressive darkness and stop it from completely consuming Fawcett City!

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