Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 120

Superman visits Aspen, Colorado, where he meets Mountain Man and Yeti, superpowered agents of the crimefighting agency B.I.G.H.O.R.N.! The Rocky Mountains' premier defenders take Superman on a tour of the region, from B.I.G.H.O.R.N.'s mountaintop headquarters to the posh ski lodges, from the Art Museum to the secret reptilian city hidden inside Castle Peak. But the heroes' pleasant journey is suddenly cut short when they're ambushed by the snowboarding ninjas of Black Diamond! The sinister skiers have acquired a techno-seed from beyond the stars, and plan to use its transformative power to awaken their wintry avatar, the towering ice-demon called Avalanche! Can Superman and his newfound allies stop this calamitous cult before they unleash a frozen hell across the Earth?

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