Monday, November 22, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 124

Three Mile Island was the site of the most significant nuclear accident in American history, but that hasn't stopped the technicians and researchers from trying to develop new ways of producing clean, sustainable energy. Today, they're activating a new experimental fusion generator. If successful, the mass production of such devices could end the world's energy crisis and make fossil fuels obsolete. Unfortunately for the workers at Three-Mile Island, Terra-Man is determined to show the world the environmental dangers of nuclear power, even if he has to manufacture the danger himself! He sabotages the fusion generator, hoping to make history repeat itself with far deadlier results! Superman intervenes, and though he's able to prevent a nuclear disaster and capture Terra-Man, there are some unexpected side-effects. Superman's body absorbed the fusion radiation as though it were sunlight, and it's changing him in unpredictable ways! But while Superman tries to handle his new powers, the plant staff are trying to handle the deadly radiation emanating from his body!

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