Friday, December 03, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 135

Rachel Hecht has a secret. By day she works as the sous chef in a high-end restaurant, but when trouble strikes, she dons an strange cloak and wields a steel bo-staff as Dreamer, the precognitive heroine of Rockville, Maryland! Her abilities make her formidable in combat and invaluable to the greater Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, but few know that the source of her powers is her ancient coat, passed down along her family line since it belonged to the prophet Joseph! Unfortunately, rumors about the multicolored artifact have reached Egyptologist Victor Goodman, the villainous King Tut! The felonious pharaoh wants the garment all for himself, and he doesn't mind getting a little more blood on it if necessary. When Dreamer sees her inevitable fate, she realizes her only hope is to call for help from the hard-traveling Man of Steel, but once the future has been seen, can even Superman alter its course?

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