Sunday, December 19, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 151

Superman's investigation into the TechniPetTM fad has uncovered an electronic crime wave and a deadly robotic toy in desperate need of a recall--as well as the dastardly mastermind behind the whole ordeal: Winslow Schott, the terrible Toyman! Having leaked the plans for TechniPetTM to Pawtucket, Rhode Island's Jaguar Electronics, it was child's play for the criminal genius to program the robots to steal information from personal computers and funnel money into his own coffers. But his goal is far grander than a little larceny. His robotic servants are positioned in every corner of the nation, hooked into countless computer systems, able to access personal information from millions of people. The havoc he could wreak would be considerable, and if the United States doesn't capitulate to his demands, the detonation of millions of electromagnetic pulses all across the country will send it screaming back into the dark ages. Can Superman stop Schott's TechniPetsTM from destroying life as we know it? One thing's for sure--this never would have happened with hula hoops!

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