Sunday, December 26, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 158

He's checking a list and making it twice! Phones have been ringing off the hook across the western United States and Canada in these dark hours of the morning after Christmas, with reports of strange burglaries--Christmas presents stolen and stockings emptied, with cookies and milk left in their place! NORAD contacts Superman as they track the Christmas crook's flight eastward, and the Man of Steel catches up to the figure over Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. What he finds is an interplanetary traveler, hailing from the South Pole of a cube-shaped world, traveling in a flying sleigh pushed by nine tiny white reindeer: Bizarro-Santa! It's up to Superman to send Bizarro Santa back to his playshop and prevent him from undoing Christmas, but Bizarro-Santa knows that he's been very, very nice this year, and he has a sack full of coal as punishment--green, glowing coal!

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