Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 162

Habari gani, Superman? The Man of Steel arrives in New Orleans, where a one-time JSA member has formed a legacy team of his own! Markus Clay, the current Amazing-Man and the grandson of the original, has followed in that civil rights activist's pioneering footsteps, assembling Adili: a team of African-American heroes dedicated to promoting equality and providing a positive example. During this fifth day of Kwanzaa, the team is working to rebuild and improve the lower-class neighborhoods around Clay's home city, many of which are still devastated after Hurricane Katrina. Superman offers his assistance with the efforts, but not everyone perceives his presence as a positive. Adili member Muhammad X wants the Man of Steel to take a hike, and he's not the only one. Should Superman try to overcome the friction and work toward a common purpose, or does his very presence hurt their cause? This is one problem that superpowers won't solve!

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