Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 144

For decades, Idaho's Salmon River canyon has been home to a colony of colorful loners, living off the land and making shelter in cavelike dwellings. They have cast off the trappings of modern society to live simply and deliberately, singing songs and gardening, taking nothing from civilization and asking for nothing in return. But when "Elk Sage Ed" Frey, the last of the original loner settlers, dies at the age of ninety-seven, the tribe's future begins to look bleak. Frey's family is seeking to have the whole cave-village shut down for health and safety concerns and sending the remaining residents back out into a world they've tried to escape. Superman steps in to help the loners retain their lifestyle and to assuage the community's fears by ensuring the safety of the dwellings, but what can he do when he finds himself rebuked and rebuffed by both sides?

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