Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 160

As he travels through Virginia, Superman is surprised to see donation boxes and solicitors for the Superman Foundation. The charity is dedicated to helping out those in need across the country, with specific emphasis on those towns that Superman is passing through on his journey. The Man of Steel himself dictates how the funds are distributed, taking a hands-on approach to helping people, even when he's not using his powers to do so. There's just one little problem: Superman has never heard of the group, and he hasn't seen any evidence of them following him around and helping the needy. He travels to the charity's headquarters in Alexandria, hoping to learn who has been using his name and what they've been doing with the money they've taken. What he finds is more sinister than he could have suspected. What corrupt criminals would besmirch Superman's reputation? Can the Superman Foundation be turned into a force for good? The answers will come from some unexpected sources!

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LurkerWithout said...

Its Lex Luthor's lizard isn't it? That scaly scamp!