Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 145

David Yu is an extraordinary person. The Ohio native earned some local fame during his days at Findlay High School when he saved some classmates from a fire in his chemistry class. What his classmates never knew, and what the papers never printed, was how that incident triggered his meta-gene. Ever since, Yu has had superhuman strength and speed, and the ability to generate impenetrable localized force-fields. With such abilities, he could have put on a cape and become a superhero, but he opted for a different kind of uniform. Today, Sgt. David Yu is a soldier with the Army Rangers, where his unique abilities and expert training have allowed him to save the lives of his teammates and many civilians. But word of his undisclosed powers has reached his superiors, and now David Yu's career as an Army Ranger is in jeopardy. Failure to report metahuman abilities could earn him a dishonorable discharge; at best, he'd be moved to one of the military's special metahuman divisions, away from his friends and teammates, and in many cases, away from any place where he could be of use. As he waits, on leave, in Findlay for the orders that will determine his future, he seeks out Superman, whose travels have brought him close to Hancock County. The Man of Steel offers Yu his support, but wishes he could do more. After all, what can Superman do to change military regulations?

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