Monday, November 07, 2005

Meme-ries, of the way we were...

From Crisis/Boring Change, and a string of other blogs asymptotically approaching infinity. Or something. I tracked it way back, but didn't bother to pay attention to who originally had it.

Favorite Beatles song: Love song, "Something," otherwise "The Sun King Medley" ("You Never Give Me Your Money" through "Her Majesty") or "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da." God, picking even just a few is like cutting off my arm.
Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: John Lennon's "Imagine," one of my favorite songs ever, if not at the top of my list.
Favorite Bob Dylan song: Sung by Dylan? "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35." If we're just talking about songs Dylan wrote, then "Blowin' in the Wind."
Favorite Prince song: "Batdance."

Just kidding, it's "Raspberry Beret."
Favorite Michael Jackson song: "Thriller," mainly because of the video and the awesomely cheesy Vincent Price.
Favorite Metallica song: The one where the singer sounds like he's chewing on beef jerky and using lyrics that were written while at his first kegger in 8th grade. "As long as they rhyme," right? I guess I have to go with the one where they sample "America" from "West Side Story," because honestly, metal and "West Side Story?" Why not stick a guitar solo into "I Feel Pretty"?
Favorite Public Enemy song: They did "TURTLE Power," right?
Favorite Cure song: "Just Like Heaven." Far and away.
Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: Right now, "O Do Not Forsake Me" or "Shoehorn With Teeth" by They Might Be Giants.
Favorite Beastie Boys song: "Girls"
Favorite Police song: "Don't Stand So Close To Me"
Favorite Sex Pistols song: "God Save the Queen," I guess. There are far better punk bands than the Pistols. I like that they innovated the genre, if only because it led to Green Day and Bad Religion.
Favorite song from a movie: "Deep Throat / Deeper than deep, your throat / Don't row a boat / Don't get your goat / That's all she wrote."

Ugh, what a horrendously awful song to go with a horrendously awful movie. No, assuming that this is excluding musicals, I think I have to go with Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," or "Only A Woman" from "Team America: World Police."
Favorite Blondie song: "Call Me," which I almost set as my cell phone ringtone.
Favorite Genesis song: "I Can't Dance," followed closely by "Land of Confusion"
Favorite Led Zeppelin song: "Immigrant Song"
Favorite INXS song: "Devil Inside" I guess.
Favorite Weird Al song: Oh, come on. Anything but "Buy Me a Condo" and "Trash Day" is fantastic.
Favorite Pink Floyd song: God, it's been so long since I listened to Pink Floyd. Uh...the last two tracks on "Dark Side of the Moon," "Brain Damage" and the other one.
Favorite cover song: "Gin and Juice" by the Gourds.
Favorite U2 song: The one that doesn't sound like all the others. Oh, wait.
Favorite disco song: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
Favorite The Who song: "Baba O'Riley
Favorite Elton John song: "Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza."

Wait, what? Oh. Well, then "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting."
Favorite Clash song: "Rock the Casbah." Yeah, I know, real original and deep. I just think it's more fun than "London Calling."
Favorite David Bowie song: "Suffragette City."
Favorite Nirvana song: "Come as You Are," I guess.
Favorite Snoop Dogg song: "Gin and Juice" or "Bitches Ain't Sh*t" (Dre's song, sure, but Snoop has a role), but only because of the awesome covers of both of them.
Favorite Ice Cube song: Does anything by NWA count? Because then it's "Boyz N Tha Hood."
Favorite Johnny Cash song: Next!
Favorite R.E.M. song: Shiny Standy Crush (and I Feel Fine). Actually, it's "Losing My Religion."
Favorite Elvis song: "Burning Love."
Favorite cheesy-ass country song: Oh, there are so many, though. My favorite serious country song is "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" by John Denver, but others, like Jello Biafra's "Plastic Jesus" and "Are You Drinking with Me, Jesus?" or Eric Schwartz's "Keep Your Jesus off My Penis" are all fantastic.
Favorite Billy Joel song: "Only the Good Die Young."
Favorite Bruce Springsteen song: "Glory Days." Yeah, I know I'll get crap for that. At least I didn't say "Blinded By the Light." Close runner-up is "Born to Run."
Favorite New Order song: "Bizarre Love Triangle"
Favorite Neil Diamond song: "Cracklin' Rosie."
Favorite Beach Boys song: "Little Deuce Coupe," though "Barbara Ann" and "Kokomo" are really close.
Favorite Dire Straits song: "Money for Nothing" or "Walk of Life." "Sultans of Swing" is a great song, but the others are more fun.
Favorite Elvis Costello song: "Veronica" is the only one I really know.
Favorite Guns 'N Roses song: "Sweet Child O' Mine."
Favorite Jimi Hendrix song: "Purple Haze."
Favorite John Mellencamp song: "Pink Houses." THEN, "Jack and Diane."
Favorite Living Colour song: You mean there's more than "Cult of Personality?"
Favorite Neil Young song: Was "Ohio" a solo effort, or CSN&Y?
Favorite Paul Simon song: "Me and Julio"
Favorite Simon & Garfunkel song: "Cecilia"
Favorite Queen song: "Seven Seas of Rhye," or "Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race."
Favorite Sting song: I've never heard a solo Sting song that I like.
Favorite Tracy Chapman song: Who?
Favorite Van Morrison song: "Brown-Eyed Girl."
Favorite XTC song: "Dear God" and definitely not "Mayor of Simpleton."
Favorite Depeche Mode song: "Master and Servant"
Favorite dance song: Regular or slow? Line dancing: "The Cha-Cha Slide," because it's a terrible song, but it's awesome to watch people try to figure out what the hell "Charlie Brown" and "go to work" and "reverse" mean in the middle of a dance. If we're talking slow dances, then it's "Wonderful Tonight," and if we're talking 'favorite song to dane to,' it's "Build Me Up, Buttercup," by the Foundations. If you think I can distinguish techno from other techno or house or whatever the hell that all is, then you're mistaken.

Except "Dragostea Din Tei."
Favorite Big Audio Dynamite song: See Public Enemy.
Favorite Squeeze song: "Tempted," I guess.
Favorite Smiths song: "Panic," because I think "hang the DJ" is hilarious.
Favorite Tragically Hip Song: The only people I know who are into the Tragically Hip are tragically arrogant.
Favorite Dave Matthews Band song: I hate DMB. With a passion. And I've given them several chances for non-hateage. Yet, somehow I really like "Busted Stuff," the whole album. Can't stand any Dave song but the ones on that disc. Weird, huh? Anyway, off that, it's "Big-Eyed Fish."
Favorite Radiohead song: "Creep."

I'm pretty sure that posting memes is a certain sign that you wanted to update, but haven't finished the real posts you're working on. Like me, here. Coming soon: actual content!

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Tom Foss said...

In my defense, I've only ever heard "Ring of Fire," and I don't know it very well, so I hesitate to call it a "favorite."