Saturday, December 10, 2005


In eight hours, I'll be taking the Physics GRE. Once my anus stops bleeding, I hope to start updating a little more regularly. I've got some posts on Erik Larsen's column from last week, and the new Wizard, to talk about.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see that one of Wizard's multiple choice questions has been answered. Kurt Busiek talked about the new Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis series today, with an accompanying sketch by Jackson Guice. Seems like the guy there in that image, despite having two hands, looks a lot like Arthur. Yet Kurt says it's a totally new Aquaman, an "outsider to Atlantis," who is "unsure of his role and just who the good and bad guys are in all this." He also said:
It [Aquaman's long history/continuity] all happened, it's all still out there. Mera, Tempest, Koryak, Cerdian, Lorena ... we're not throwing anything away, even if we don't necessarily use it all right away. And we're not killing Orin (the current Aquaman), not making him a villain, not scrapping him -- in time, he'll turn up in the series again, and his story is anything but over. We're actually giving him something new to deal with, some issues to wrestle with that ought to be a lot of fun.

Wizard said that one hero would have amnesia and be unable to tell friend from foe. We have a new Aquaman who looks like Arthur, and pals around with Superboy villain King Shark, while coming to Atlantis as an outsider who doesn't know the score. Arthur's not dead, his supporting cast still exists, and there's unrest in Atlantis? Orin has lost his memory (possibly due to the machinations of new supporting cast member and mysterious wizard, the Dweller in the Depths) and comes to Atlantis with a new, fresh viewpoint, trying to unite the kingdom...or destroy it.

Sword and sorcery plus science fiction plus superheroics? Sounds like an underwater He-Man, which puts it right up my alley. I'll check it out.


Ragnell said...

This thought didn't occur to me at all. Nice insight, but I'm still not willing to bet the farm that Aquaman's not Aquaman because of Amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Plus, Oliver Queen's mayor of Star City now! So that's two answered.
Sadly, he's got the God-Damn Hood back, so that signals an unwelcome return of Longbow Hunters-era awfulness.

Anonymous said...

Kurt has said the new Aquaman is not Atlantean, so he's not Orin with amnesia.

Tom Foss said...

Unless he's said otherwise since the Newsarama interview, I believe he said that the new Aquaman is an outsider to Atlantis, as an amnesiac Orin would be.