Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nurse, could you prep Ms. Storm's refrigerator?

So apparently they're killing the Invisible Woman. Because, you know, she hasn't been through enough with spending years as the most useless member of her team, having several life-threatening pregnancies, one of which resulted in a miscarriage, and being the object of lust for an Atlantean and the megalomaniac in the iron mask. That's not even counting the whole "Malice" split personality thing, where she becomes an evil dominatrix.

Those molecules must be more unstable than we thoughtThe first time I followed Fantastic Four was around the same time that they decided to kill off Reed and Dr. Doom. It was also around the same time that they gave Sue that hideous die-cut costume (sorry for stealing the image, Marionette).

The next time I got into Fantastic Four was around the same time that they decided to give Doom armor made of human flesh, then kill him again.

After killing him, they decided to kill the Thing. And they killed Galactus too. Everyone got better, except Galactus and maybe Doom.

That was just a year or two ago, now they're killing off Sue. I guess Johnny's the only one who hasn't yet had a trip in a pine box. Maybe that's the big event of 2007.

I just wish that Marvel would stop killing off major characters for no reason, only to bring them back and assert "dead is dead, starting now." Especially when those characters have young children (even though Franklin's been four or five for fifteen years). The Fantastic Four is a family, stop making it a family plot.

Goodbye, Sue. See you in a year or two.


Jon said...

That Sue Storm outfit is potentially the worst costume in the history of drawing.

Tom Foss said...

Can you imagine how weird her tan lines would be?