Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Bloggiversary, Absorbascon!

The Absorbascon is celebrating its one-year anniversary today. It may not come across much here, but I admire Scipio and the Absorbascon beyond words. When Scipio makes his occasional appearances in the comments section here, it's like I've been visited by some great blog god. One of the blogtheon has descended from Mount Bloglympus to grace my unworthy site with their presence.

See, I'm an English major, and I have a near-obsessive fascination with literary heroes. Thus, when I first encountered Scipio's Dynastic Centerpiece model, I had a literarigasm. I wished I had come up with it. I spent the next several weeks trying to come up with something half as perceptive and meaningful and intelligent, and naturally failed miserably. So I must live in awe of Scipio, one of the finest blog-minds out there. I know I can count on the Absorbascon to make me either think, laugh, or marvel at Hal Jordan's cranial fortitude. Keep up the fantastic work, Scipio!

Wow, these Bloggiversary posts are easy and fun to write. Hm...April 11th, July 20th, September 9th, and December 13th look like good dates, at least for a start.


Scipio said...

Thanks, Tom! You're took kind *blush*...

Tom Foss said...

Ah, but the truth is never too kind. 'Tis rarely kind enough.

Keep the hits (to Hal's head) coming, Scipio!