Monday, December 11, 2006


No, I haven't forgotten about Monomyth Month (so named since I've now missed two Mondays). I'll have oodles of Campbellian and Raglanian goodness for you later in the week. Still haven't gotten any suggestions (besides Robin Hood) yet.
I also haven't forgotten that Kalinara and the Comics Should Be Good guys are having bloggiversaries this week. Congrats to both sites, and I'll have belated entries drawn up in a few days (though Kalinara, ever the enterprising one, has pulled a "Mike Sterling" and done my job for me).
Sadly, it's finals week, and that means I have less than zero Blogging time. Try to figure out the math in that, I'll join you again after Wednesday.


Diamondrock said...

C'mon, analyze He-Man. You know you want to. Or maybe that's just me...

Are there any of these crazy lists for *villains*?

Tom Foss said...

Villains can play with hero cycles too. Anakin Skywalker, for one. And Alex from A Clockwork Orange is a Christ figure.

And you're right, I do want to do He-Man.