Saturday, July 10, 2010

Give Bats a Chance

Hey you. Yes, you, the average comics fan. How do you feel about Batman?

Yes, that's pretty much what I figured you'd say. Although I wasn't sure you could use the word "awesome" that many times in a sentence. What do you like about Batman?

Great, all good answers. I noticed that you mentioned his intellect and preparedness, which are certainly both key components of his character. Now, what do you think of Grant Morrison's Batman? Specifically, I mean the JLA-era.

Yeah, he did get some awesome scenes. That one you mentioned is a particular favorite. Changing gears, now, how do you feel about the '60s "Batman" TV series?

All right, careful with that eye rolling. Yeah, I hate those articles too; I don't know why columnists keep going back to the "Biff! Pow!" well anymore, considering the show's been off the air for forty years. But the media treatment aside, what do you think about the series?

Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured you'd say. Here's the thing, though: that Grant Morrisonian, super-prepared, hyperintelligent Batgod? That's the '66 Batman. Seriously, go back and watch it sometime; Morrison's Batman owes at least as much to Adam West as to Denny O'Neil. You want a Batman who's prepared for everything, then you need look no further than a Batman who has anti-gas pills, a lifelike Bruce Wayne dummy, and shark repellent. The colors may be brighter, the continuity looser, and the plots more straightforward, but I think you'll find that the Batman you know and love once had eyebrows drawn on his cowl.
Robin: Gosh, Batman, is there anything you don't know?

Batman: Oh yes, Robin. Several things, in fact.
--"The Pharaoh's in a Rut"


Anthony Strand said...

You seem to be implying that fans hate the 1966 Batman. Is that actually true though? I seem to hear a lot more fans say things like "I actually like that show" than those dissing it. It seems to me like most fans have this misconception that everyone except them hates that show.

SallyP said...

Oh God, I actually LOVED that show! It helps that I was pretty young at the time of course.

I was never much of a Batfan in the interim, but I have to admit that I'm actually finding the latest Bat-related story telling...interesting.