Sunday, May 01, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 284

Decades ago, Ron Lydon lived a very different life. He hitchhiked around the country in a poncho, calling himself "Starshine," living off handouts. If you'd met him then, panhandling on the streets of Metropolis, you'd have a hard time recognizing him today, the clean-cut, well-fed corporate lawyer, operating out of a multimillion-dollar firm in Newark, NJ. And yet, it was on those Metropolitan streets that he discovered that people would tend to do anything he wanted, so long as he was polite and turned on just a little charm. Today, Superman's arriving in Newark, and all Lydon can think about is what he could accomplish with the Man of Steel under his sway. And with Superman's super-hearing, Lydon doesn't even need to be nearby to tie puppet-strings onto the Action Ace! Will Superman spend the rest of his career as a corporate crony?

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