Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 314

There is a house in Providence, RI, that has been the subject of legends and nightmares since its construction in 1764. Many are said to have died within its walls, with causes ranging from disease to stillbirth to "wasting away" to, in one high-profile case, melting. The last event occurred over eighty years back, when one frenzied researcher claimed to have found (and destroyed) a giant creature buried beneath its foundations. Now, the renovated property is for sale, and the visiting Superman can't help but check out the open house. There is something beneath the shunned house, and the Man of Steel is determined to find out what it is, and what really happened to every tenant for a hundred and fifty years. But if he's not careful, his meddling may simply make him a more filling meal...

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