Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 315

Concept Labs, a small tech company from Schaumburg, IL, has just put itself on the map. Their revolutionary new KLoud Processor allows for faster-than-ever data storage and access on a wide range of devices, thanks to new wireless technologies that allow for remote processing. The ultra-thin KLoud-powered smartphones and tablets are selling like mad, with no sign of letting up. Concept Labs is poised to become one of the country's top tech companies, after only a few months of existence. And they couldn't have done it without Superman. Not because of a high-profile endorsement or PR campaign, but because the KLoud Processor runs on his hyperfast Kryptonian brain! The Man of Steel is trapped inside Concept Labs, hooked up to their servers, and imprisoned within his own exploited mind! In order to escape, he'll first have to match wits with the mastermind behind Concept: the terrible Thinker!

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